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    Firmly established as the UK’s most popular international Pride Festival, Brighton & Hove Pride attracts a diverse demographic audience from across the globe and is singularly the most popular visitor attraction in the City’s event calendar. Pride is as famous, vibrant, popular and utterly unique as the city itself.

    Brighton and Hove Pride’s sole ethos is to promote tolerance, diversity, inclusion and education within our communities. We will work to eliminate all forms of discrimination against LGBTQ+ communities by celebrating and supporting LGBTQ+ lives and to this end Brighton & Hove Pride is proud to be supporting our local charities and good causes, this is the cornerstone of our Pride – a ‘Pride with Purpose’

    NW Live has been working with Brighton Pride CIC since 2016. Initially providing production management services for the Pride Village Party the scope of work has since evolved to include the Pride Parade, city wide wayfinding and egress planning, barrier and waste management.